Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The Art of Photography - Project1 - RTFM!

I finally received my course notes on Saturday and due to work commitments only managed to scan through them.

On Monday I started Project1 in earnest. Sitting in quiet contemplation with my camera and manual I carefully read and experimented, and read again. I carried on again last night and will carry the manual with me for the next few days until I feel I can remember, or be able to quickly refer to, all the sections I will need.

As this is a new camera and one I have only owned a few weeks it was a good way of "bonding" with it. However it also made me consider how well I know all my other kit.

I work in IT and Read The Fine(substitute your own F word here) Manual is a standard riposte when an piece of kit or an application throws up an error code or needs to be reconfigured to perform a specific task. It's a simple methodology; if it comes with a manual, read it, as at some point you will need it!

Also to use a tool fully you do need to establish what it can and can't do. So I have now pulled out the manuals for every piece of kit I am likely to be using on this course and will , after re-reading them all, place them in a easily reached location until I have committed them either to memory or can easily find any section when required.

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  1. Indeed. Had I RTFM that came with my Speedlight, I would have known that it could be used remotely, off camera. This could have meant some still life work 2 years ago rather than shortly.