Sunday, 22 April 2012

Focal Lengths

For this exercise I took six pictures at different focal lengths of the same subject. While the central subjects of the images stayed the same there was a distinct shift in peripheral details as well as the depth of field of the central part of the image.

I find that the boats in the image taken at 105mm become the main subject but in the one taken at 24mm the overall landscape is the main subject. This continues until we get to the last shot at a "normal" angle of view (70mm) then after that the central object appears flatter in relation to the background and more isolated.

TAOP - Focal Length - 24mm
Focal Length - 24mm
TAOP - Focal Length - 28mm
Focal Length - 28mm
TAOP - Focal Length - 35mm
Focal Length - 35mm
TAOP - Focal Length - 50mm
Focal Length - 50mm
TAOP - Focal Length - 70mm
Focal Length - 70mm
TAOP - Focal Length - 105mm
Focal Length - 105mm

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