Monday, 30 July 2012

Vertical and Horizontal Frames

This exercise is to encourage the use of a portrait(vertical) frame vs. a horizontal (landscape) frame which given the shape of the standard SLR viewfinder is the most "natural" orienation to use.

To do this the requirement was to take 20 images each with a vertical and horizontal shot. Below is a slide show of the 20 examples I have taken.

Also besides the obvious use of the vertical orientation for tall objects and standing people I also have considered the following when choosing the subjects above;
  • The subject is already vertical
  • Height needs defining
  • Motion of the subject is vertical
  • Defining direction of subject gaze - up or down
  • Directing the viewers gaze within the image
  • In portraits it can be used to retain tighter control of basic composition rules e.g. the rule of thirds
  • Isolate a feature of the subject
  • Defining the position/boundary of an object within it's containing space.

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