Friday, 15 June 2012

A Sequence of Composition

The object of this exercise is to try and use the viewfinder to compose the shot... not wait for it but try to find the ideal shot and record the process. By shooting the nearly moments it is hoped to see the process as it develops.I started this sequence with around 25 shots and I edited down to the 18 you see here. I decided the ones with arms and legs obscuring the shot didn't really count...

The sequence started with a crowd gathering to see a rare Indian motorcycle being started at a classic motorcycle open day...

sequence (1 of 18)

I changed angle to try and get more shots of the faces of the crowd as the anticipation of hearing it run started to build

sequence (2 of 18)

The owner had to make many adjustments so this angle was now not as clear...

sequence (3 of 18)

I moved round to the front to try and get the owners expression and the crowds reaction

sequence (4 of 18)

sequence (5 of 18)

sequence (6 of 18)

As can be seen above I tried to get the action as the owner was kick starting the bike... this didn't work..

sequence (7 of 18)

I then moved closer as the composition was becoming too static

sequence (8 of 18)

The was less interest in this shot and some of the narrative was lost so stepped back.

sequence (9 of 18)

Still did not have the same impact so I moved further back again.

sequence (10 of 18)

The bike had started and the crowd reaction was stillmuted but there still seemed to be potential for a shot of the bike in motion.
sequence (11 of 18)

sequence (12 of 18)

I tried to get another shot of the owners expression isolated from the crowd,but it still did  not have the impact I wanted.

sequence (13 of 18)

I moved away again to try and include the crowd interest again.

sequence (14 of 18)

Getting closer now to the big moment so decided to move back further to get the crowd in again

sequence (15 of 18)
Not quite there ...

sequence (17 of 18)

Got it! But still not quite what I wanted but close enough... now had to get out of the way before I got run over..

sequence (18 of 18)

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