Sunday, 25 March 2012

Shutter Speeds:Summary

As regards my favourite prints from the two exercises I have chosen number 8 from the Shutter Speeds exercise  I like the feel of the blurred movement combines with the sharper elements. I like the combination as it gives a feeling of speed and the disturbance of the water. Not totally a smooth extended exposure of water , as is often done with the sea and waterfalls, but a way of implying the force as well as the speed of the water.

Shutter Speeds - 8

However I prefer the sharper elements of image number 6 of the Panning series,the car being sharper and the blurred background and wheels give a better feeling of the motion. Not really speed, but the fact it is a moving car and not a static object. The kind of combination that would be ideals for photographing motor sport, particularly on a bend so the vehicle can be followed through and captured on the apex and the follow throgh allows the photographer to follow a natural curved movement. Which is a lot easier then trying to capture the image going directly across the field of view

TAOP - Shutter Speeds Panning - 6

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